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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 06:19

The Importance of Security on Intranets and Their Firewalls

Written by  Dorothy Woo & Simon Tsang

Contingency planning is not about having redundant hardware and software, space or people. In today’s world, information equals business. The whole idea of contingency planning is therefore centered around being able to access and process reliable information when it is needed, even at the time of a crisis, so that the critical functions can be performed and the firm can achieve its business objectives. If contingency planning can be further divided into an avoidance plan and a recovery plan, a security management scheme will certainly be the cornerstone of the avoidance plan. The reason is obvious: if reliability of information is in jeopardy, all contingency efforts are essentially wasted. A security management scheme is supposed to mitigate, if not totally eliminate, the risk of business interruption resulting from information being tampered with or stolen. The objective of security management, therefore, matches perfectly well with the objectives of contingency planning. This