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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018 18:11

More Art Than Science?


Through the veil of chaos, the disaster recovery manager sees a blank canvas, replete with the clarity of success. I heard a comment recently where someone said, “Disaster recovery is going away.” I found the comment odd for a few reasons. Because the comment made was spoken by someone in a position of knowledge, was the person commenting in a self-serving manner to justify a position or path they were trying to make? Did the person honestly believe there is no longer a need to protect systems and data should a significant or catastrophic disaster event occur? Perhaps this person envisions rows and rows of filing cabinets and servers sitting idle, waiting until disaster brings multitudes of unknown co-workers flying in to fire up those servers and start feeding tape after tape with hopes those systems will restore. Today’s disaster recovery is not your father’s DR. Today’s DR can be whatever it