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Why Advertise With DRJ.com?

In today’s competitive market, it is important to get your message out to consumers quickly and efficiently. It is also important to choose the right medium for your message. If your ad is not reaching the target market, you are losing valuable opportunities.

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Purchase a banner ad to be displayed prominently on our site. Take advantage of the numerous hits we receive each day. Your banner will receive maximum exposure at a reasonable cost. Let our experience work for you. DRJ.com has been online since 1994 and is the one stop source for business continuity on the web. 

Size & Format

Currently we offer ads in 150 x 90, 180 x 150, and 180 x 240 sizes. All banners and logos must be in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format and less than 40kb in size.

Here are the current homepage advertising spaces:


The current rates are:

  • 180 x 150 (top-panel): $6,000 Quarterly
  • 180 x 150 (bottom-right panel): $4,000 Quarterly
  • 180 x 240 (left panel): $3,000 Quarterly
  • 150 x 90 (right panel): $1,000 Quarterly
  • Pop-up ad on load: Call for pricing
  • Expandable rollover ad: Call for pricing
  • Full site wrap: Call for pricing

Background Skins, Splash Pages, and Drop Down Banners

View example here: http://www.drj.com/images/media-kit/ad-options/splash_background_dropdown_slider_example.html