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Volume 30, Issue 2

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Engage Customers. Accelerate Sales. Drive ROI.

Welcome to DRJ's first digital edition. We are dedicated to building community in the business continuity and disaster recovery industry to bring buyers and sellers together.  That is why we have designed new advertising innovations with the digital magazine allowing you to reach and engage your best prospects and customers like never before. 


  • All ads are interactive with hotlinks to your Web site.
  • You can add audio, video or flash to any of your ads.
  • You can choose from blow-in ads, digital bellybands, navigation bar advertising and interactive surveys.

Learn more on how you can engage BC/DR professionals with DRJ's Digital Magazine. Don't just take our word for it. View your first digital edition and all its innovative features below. 

 Digital Advertising Pricing:

In 2010, we will offer one (1) service provider sole sponsor of an entire issue.  This will ensure proper exposure and ROI for the advertiser.   With only 4 issues available per year, this is an extremely limited offering and we expect the issues to sell out quickly.   Select the issue that suits your offerings (Emergency Notification, Alternate Site, Consultants, Software) and secure it today before your competitor does.  All advertising options (below) are included in the sponsorship.  Cost per Issue: $4,000.  

Digital Advertising Options:

Leaderboard Ads: This banner ad will be prominetly displayed on all pages of the issue. 

Rectangle Button Drawer Ads:  Advertisement button placed in the bottom left side of the page.  It will appear on all pages and under the Table of Contents for the issue. 

Blow In Ads: A digital blow-in ad looks like a traditional pop-up ad but uses a new technology that does not interfere with pop-up blockers. Blow-in ads can appear as an overlay on the cover of the magazine, over your print ad within the issue or on an editorial page of your choice. Your ad can include Flash, video or other multimedia. Blow-in ads provide on-demand, real-time marketing so you can engage and interact with your customers and prospects. Limited to 2 blow in ads.  Email us for samples .

Full Page Advertisement:  You have the opporutnity to place a full page advertisement opposite the issues Cover Page.  Great visibiliy and will be the first thing they see as they enter your sponsored issue.


Digital Advertising Specifications:

Leaderboard Ads

  1. Static Ads
    1. image size: 728 x 90 pixels
    2. image type: JPG, GIF, animated GIF
    3. link to advertiser
  2. Dynamic Ads
    1. a Flash File, JavaScript or Standard ad tag for a leaderboard/banner
    2. ad size: 728 x 90 pixels

Rectangle Button Drawer Ads

  1. Static Ads
    1. image size: maximum width is 180 pixels
    2. image type: JPG, GIF, animated GIF
    3. link to advertiser
  2. Dynamic Ads
    1. a Flash File, JavaScript or Standard ad tag
    2. ad size: maximum width is 180 pixels

Blow in

  1. Static Ads
    1. image size: maximum width 500 pixels.  Max height 300.
    2. image type: JPG, GIF, animated GIF
    3. link to advertiser
  2. Multimedia
    1. Specs: http://info.texterity.com/mmspec/2008tm/#pg1


  • Take action 91% of the time when presented with advertising
  • 83% looked at an advertiser's website
  • 41% sent information about an advertiser to a friend
  • 38% contacted an advertiser for more information
    -Source: Texterity BPA Certified Digital Edition Survey 2007