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Hyperlink your way to a successful BCP

At KingsBridge our primary focus is developing simple and straightforward business continuity software (our flagship tool Shield). However, we also believe strongly that to develop a useful tool, you need to be using it everyday, just like our customers do. To make this happen, we also do consultingwriting plans, exercising plans and performing gap analyses on existing plans. The gap analysis is always an interesting experience because we see how other organizations have structured their business continuity plans. We can receive hundreds of pages of content to perform our analysis. When the documentation arrives, our first thought is often, how do they find anything in here? They must be flipping pages forever to find the content they need when the plan is activated.

Easy plan navigation is critical to writing your business continuity plan. It’s one thing to ensure your plan includes all the critical plan elements and it is kept up to date. It’s quite another to ensure that everyone can find the information that they’re looking for. How do we manage this in Shield? Hyperlinks!  [READ MORE...]


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