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Readiness Best Practice Tip – What Should You Prepare For?

Challenge: Developing a high-performance business continuity program is hard work and requires significant resource commitments and upper-management support. Respondents to the MissionMode Readiness Survey report varying levels of readiness with under 40% claiming to have business continuity management (BCM) plans in place across a wide number of potentially disruptive event types:

38% – Comprehensive BCM plans developed and trained across a wide variety of event types

37% – Plans developed and trained across a limited number of event types

25% – No plans or preliminary plans drafted but not trained

These respondents were most likely to be prepared for weather, power and IT-related incidents and least prepared to manage physical security threats, theft and product safety-related events.  Developing and training a wide variety of BCM plans can seem like an insurmountable challenge, but MissionMode can help you both prioritize and prepare your plans.

Solution: Knowing what events to prepare for can vary by industry, company size and geographic location. MissionMode’s team of experienced emergency-management professionals works with clients every day to help them prioritize which events are most critical for their specific BCM planning as a routine part of our Customer Readiness Commitment process detailed below:


In the 2013-2014 benchmark survey conducted by Continuity Insights and KPMG, nearly 60% of participants reported activating their BCM plans in the past year as a result of severe weather.  The chart below illustrates the frequency of business interruptions by cause which is a strong indicator of the top events every company should prepare for:

Event Type% Experiencing
Hurricane or Major Storm59.4%
Power Outage51.7%
Data breach/IT Outage36.8%
Telecom/Data Network Issue33.3%
IT Upgrade/Scheduled Outage23.5%
IT 3rd party provider outage20.0%
Civil Unrest17.1%
Supply Chain interruption13.7%
Privacy Issue11.1%
Social Media6.0%

In addition to these event types that are common to all industries, the MissionMode Customer Experience team can help you identify industry-specific incidents that require BCM pre-planning.  For example, transportation companies need plans to handle large-scale delays and accidents.  Hospitals and public health organizations need to be prepared for epidemics and overloads, and retailers and manufacturers need to be able to manage product safety issues and recalls.

Finally, because they don’t often impact day-to-day business operations, reputational issues are often overlooked when it comes to BCM planning. Recent NFL player domestic abuse scandals and UK retailer Tesco’s mass executive exodus following their recent accounting investigation are examples of events that can dramatically impact company reputation and value.

Once you have identified which event types need to be covered within your business continuity plan, then comes the hard work of developing plans. Incident management tools like MissionMode’s Situation Center can simplify plan creation with templates and task lists that can often be repurposed across event types. During the Detailed Readiness Scoping and Onsite Deployment Phases of our Customer Readiness Commitment process, we will train your teams to efficiently create plans within your centralized incident management tool allowing you to dramatically increase overall readiness.

Results: MissionMode develops long-term customer relationships by delivering best-in-class incident management and notification solutions coupled with unparalleled customer support. Our goal is to help customers increase overall readiness, and, for that to happen, we need to partner to make sure detailed plans are in place for all key event types.

Here’s what several customers had to say about MissionMode support:

“The company works with us; they don’t just hand us a system. It is flexible and simple enough to implement for all hazards across an Enterprise.”
Director of Enterprise Continuity and Public Safety

“You treat us as if we’re your only customer.” 
Director Corporate Crisis Management, Fortune 100 Logistics Company

“MissionMode’s software and people were very flexible in meeting our requirements which was not apparent with other vendors.”
Business Continuity Manager, Global Manufacturing Company

Customers who have partnered with MissionMode to expand their BCM plans using our Situation Center solution report significant benefits, including:

  • Expanded readiness across more event types
  • Better adherence to BCM plans based on pre-populated incident management templates and task lists
  • Faster, more informed decision-making due to common operating picture and improved communications tools
  • Improved incident management reporting and records

How to Use This Information
Is yours one of the 60% of business continuity programs still struggling to get plans developed, documented and trained for all key event types? MissionMode can help. We bring both the expertise and tools you need to simplify plan development and speed your BCM program evolution. To see how the MissionMode Situation Center can help you improve BCM program readiness, schedule a demo today by calling 877-833-7763 or completing our demo request form.


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