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The Best Disaster Recovery Solution for Small Businesses

There is more to a disaster recovery plan than justhaving some backup software and runninga backup. Your best solution is going toinclude a local backup device orappliance. This is completelyseparate from just a hard drive to store backup data on.

The backup and disaster recovery solution is going to take a complete backup of youryour server on defined schedule. This happen automatically without you having to do anything to make surethat backup happens on a daily basis.

The backup and recovery solution is going to maintain complete backups for X number of days at your local office separate from your server. The X number means whatever number of days your industry recommends or you're comfortable with or your IT guy is comfortable with. It is going to report to you the success or failure of the backup job by email or to your office manager or to your IT guy.

It is very important that you know whether the backup and replication jobs were happening on a daily basis and doing successfully. The backup and disaster recovery solution is going to send copies of your backups off-site to another office or to cloud backup service. The purpose behind this is in case of fire float or theft, you know you have a full copy offsite that you can utilize.

A cloud based disaster recovery solution is going to store an image backup of your hard drives. That way all the little hidden stuff on your hard drives that you don't see will get backed up, and make for a quick and complete restore when and if needed. It is going to store files and folders backup so if you just need one file or one folder restored you can get to those quickly. It's going to allow for the recovery of individual emails or an email folder from the backup. That way if you lose an email or an email folder gets deleted accidentally you can go into a backup and actually get that back.

The backup and disaster recovery solution is also going to be able to replace theserver temporarily in case of a serverproblem.Theability to bring your serverup temporarily while you're getting theactual server fixed is a very big thing. It'll let you test the backups that areoff-site so that you know that they arerestorable and that they actually will work. Also, for the off-site copies it's goingto let you virtually spin up virtual machines inthe cloud so that if the fire, flood ortheft happens, your office is damaged ordestroyed, you'll be able to bring yourbusiness up and have it operate whileyou get your on-premises and your on-siteequipment taken care of.

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