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The best tools for the job: Replication

The best tools for the job: Replication

Originally posted by Navisite

If traditional backup methods have taught us anything, it is the importance of resilience and redundancy. Reducing the points of potential failure during backup and recovery are essential to preventing data loss and ensuring business continuity – which led to the introduction of grandfather-father-son media rotation.

As information has become even more important to operations, data replication has taken availability to the next level. Maintaining geographically disparate live systems further reduces potential points of failure – and downtime in an event.

But resilience and speed of recovery is heavily dependent on the tools used. Here at Navisite we provide four key platforms to help clients maximise their data protection options.

Unleashing the Native Resilience of the Cloud - Zerto

Cloud computing solves a number of business IT issues – not least of which is increasing resilience. The fact that service providers replicate customer data across a number of data centres immediately improves availability for instance.

The modern operating environment typically makes use of several Cloud services however, increasing the number of points of failure, and the overall administrative burden. Zerto is designed to help make life easier for CTOs and data center managers.

Using a single platform, it is possible to link Cloud solutions from multiple vendors seamlessly. This means that replicating data from your onsite data centres to other clouds is greatly simplified. Zerto also allows you to replicate between Cloud services, further increasing resilience in your hosted environments.

But perhaps Zerto’s best feature is its ability to create Recovery Point Objectives (RPO’s) measured in seconds, not minutes. These RPOs support Tier 1-level application and infrastructure business continuity considerations, where zero data loss is an absolute need.

Multi-home Recovery Through a Single Console – Carbonite Double-Take

The use of the cloud dramatically improves recovery times in the event of a major system failure – but in the always-on data centre, restoring servers is unacceptable. Carbonite DoubleTake is designed to simplify the replication of physical servers and VM’s running Windows and Linux OS’, and is installed on the primary location and offsite location.  It continually replicates the primary environment at the secondary location, for always-on data protection, without taxing the primary location or network bandwidth.

When a failure in the primary environment occurs, the secondary site kicks in and DNS re-routes users to the secondary location, offering a near-seamless experience for users. In implementations that Navisite is engaged in, we typically utilize DoubleTake for replication of physical servers and VM’s using Hyper-V and AWS hypervisors to the cloud.

Protecting Your VMware Infrastructure – VMware vCloud Availability (vCAv)

Extending your VMware platform beyond the constraints of onsite infrastructure is important for both growth of the business and for improving the resilience of your virtual servers. Navisite uses VMware vCloud Availability (vCAv) to simplify this expansion, uniting onsite infrastructure with the extensive scalability of platforms like Azure.

Importantly, vCAv offers native support for all guest operating systems, and recovery of replicated systems and data, delivering the complete power and functionality of VMware, through Navisite’s streamlined client interface, Proximity.

Leverage the Power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud – Azure Site Recovery (ASR)

Expanding the range of available Cloud replication options, Azure Site Recovery (ASR) can be used to take advantage of Microsoft’s hosted infrastructure. If your business prefers Microsoft technologies, Azure Site Recovery offers a powerful Cloud replication option.

ASR supports the transition of physical/bare-metal, on-premises servers (Microsoft and Linux) and VMs (VMware-virtualized and HyperV VMs) to the Azure Cloud. This move enables automated protection, asynchronous ongoing replication and orderly recovery of virtualized workloads between private clouds across enterprise sites, or directly in Microsoft Azure. Data is replicated accurately, consistently and with minimal downtime.

And with the global locations of Microsoft’s secure Azure data centers, organisations can optimise their compliance with various regulatory and insurance concerns.

Bespoke Replication Solutions

The specific combination of tools used to deploy replication for your systems and data will depend on your corporate IT strategy. Navisite will work alongside your CIO and CTO to identify which of the above solutions are best suited to your needs, and how they need to be configured to provide maximum data protection and business continuity.

To learn more about each of these platforms, and what they offer your business, please get in touch.

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