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Volume 31, Issue 4

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After Hurricane Georges plowed through areas of the Southeastern United States, utility workers and emergency management personnel were called out in force.

The hurricane followed a disastrous path for 12 days in September through the Dominican Republic and Haiti, before hitting parts of Southern Florida, then parts of Louisiana and Mississippi.

Damage left in its wake included downed power lines, damaged buildings, and severed communication lines.

Workers were needed immediately in all areas affected to control and correct the damage.

One company, American Innotek, played a key role in ensuring that utility workers and emergency management personnel had access to at least one basic service. The company is maker of the Brief Relief line of personally portable field sanitation products.

"In the aftermath of a castrophic disaster like a hurricane, people directly affected by the storm, including utility and phone workers sent to restore services are often deprived of even the most basic services, including restroom facilities. Roads are often blocked prohibiting the delivery of port-a-potties or sewage systems are inoperable," said Bruce Salerno, American Innotek's national sales manager. "Brief Relief products provide a safe, sanitary and portable solution that enables utility and telephone personnel to get into the field sooner and restore services to their customers."


The company reacted swiftly to the natural disaster by dispatching teams to affected areas to provide product and assist utility, phone and emergency management personnel with field sanitation aid.

"Within hours of the recent disasters, American Innotek personnel were dispatched to the affected areas," said Mr. Salerno. "While many of the utilities regularly stock and use our products, we wanted to make sure that field workers and their supervisors were aware of the availability and ease-of-use inherent in the Brief Relief Field Lavatory System."

According to Salerno, the company reacted immediately to the recent storms, sending not only product into the disaster areas, but manpower as well.

Richard Haussling, Florida area sales manager, hand-delivered Brief Relief Systems to utility customers in the Florida Keys.

Bruce Brown, national manager, government sales, headquartered in San Diego, and Jeff Jones, Georgia area sales manager, traveled to Atlanta to coordinate the product acquisition process with FEMA. The two then traveled to the Florida Panhandle and Alabama to assist utility and phone workers and emergency management personnel.

 Doug Sweet, southeast regional manager, hand-packed a rush order on Saturday, September 26, when American Innotek's shipping department is typically closed and then joined Vince Vincent, Texas area sales manager, in New Orleans to assist in areas hit hardest by Hurricane George.

American Innotek's efforts and portable restroom kits were well received by emergency personnel working in the disaster area.

The all-inclusive Brief Relief Field Lavatory System is so lightweight it can be carried to the site by a single person, requires so little storage space that it fits behind the seat of any vehicle, and proves so simple to use that it can be completely set up in minutes.

American Innotek currently markets its products to the utility/telecommunications industry, the U.S. Military and a number of local, state and federal government agencies, including FEMA. The company has a three-year GSA contract, enabling all local, state and federal entities to order its products.



For additional information on American Innotek, Inc., visit the company's website at www.BriefRelief.com.