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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Note: A Special Thank you DRJ's Editorial Advisory Board for their incredible efforts to identify and compile this information.

  *UPDATED - September, 2013

Rules & Regulations … The Source

By Martin Myers, MBCP

If you’re like I am, I have kept my own list of rules and regulations pertaining to Business Continuity for years. I trade my list with fellow BC professionals for a copy of their prized list.We trade links for good sites where additional regulations may be found. This is a somewhat tedious activity, and certainly not a good way to share with the world of BC planning. Luckily, a fellow member of the DRJ EAB had the idea to start a committee to compile a list of regulations that could be shared through the DRJ to the entire BC world.

We formed a team, shared our lists and on-line resources.Each team member scoured the internet and their own list of BC contacts to glean additional rules and regulations to include in our data base. After a few iterations we realized that our list will never truly be complete, and as long as there are lawmakers and bureaucrats, new laws will be added. We double-checked the list we had compiled, confirmed the links, categorized them as best we could, and we are now ready to release our data base to the BC world.Knowing full-well that our starting list will grow with your help.

The committee worked to categorize our findings in ways that will be helpful. There is a column for country, so the list may be sorted or searched in that manner.Where possible, we also indicated what industry the rule was likely to pertain to. At the bottom of our list we also share other links where a compiled list may be found.

We have cross-checked our list to be sure we have included all the items found elsewhere. We recognize that this list will always be growing as contributions are made, and those contributions are a vital part of the usefulness of tool.

The DRJ Rules & Regulations data base is intended to provide each of us a singular resource where we can go to and find the most complete and comprehensive list or BC-related rules and regulations. This can only be accomplished with you help. If you find a new regulation, send it to us.If you see a way to enhance this lest, let us know. This list is intended to help us all and is intend to be supported by us all as well.

  *UPDATED - September, 2013

excel-logo.jpgDownload the Spreadsheet  (MS Excel)

Acknowledgements:DRJ EAB Rules & Regulations Working Committee:Co-chairs were Martin Myers (Bank of America), and Yvonne Lewis (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce). Committee members included Dave Shimberg (Premeir, Inc.), Deidrich Towne (Forsythe), Glen Curole (Category 5 Services), Lisa Smallwood (Comprehensive Emergency Management Professionals), Peter Laz (Forsythe), and William Greenlee (Forsythe).

Martin Myers, MS, MBCP, is a Business Continuity Manager in the Card Services division of Bank of America. He has more than 19 years of experience in developing and evaluating disaster recovery and business continuity plans including emergency preparedness and response, and crisis management for prominent domestic and international companies. His work has taken him throughout the U.S., and to Canada, Bermuda, Panama, Costa Rica, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. Mr. Myers is currently a member of the DRJ Editorial Advisory Board and is the Vice-President of the Contingency Planning Association of the Carolinas (“CPAC”).