Breakout Track 7

Breakout Track 7


Breakout Track 7 – Session 1

Any Job is Easier With the Right Tool!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
1:30 – 2:30

Denny Hodge, Transamerica

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Denny Hodge

As BCM gets more complex, combining risk, security and traditional business continuity activities, our work becomes more difficult... unless you have the right tools to manage the job. In this session, we’ll take a look at selling the need for a solution (or new solution) to key decision makers, determining business needs/requirements for the new tool, completing a Market Review to identify the best candidates for your situation, turning requirements into an RFP, selection meetings – who to involve, what to include, making the final decision and the Procurement Process, and implementing the tool in your environment. Our discussion will not reference any specific vendor or type of solution, but rather will provide a clear methodology you can use to choose and implement the right tool.

About Denny Hodge
Denny Hodge, MBCP, has nearly 20 years in the Business Continuity field, including work in the telecommunication, public transit and insurance/financial services industries.


Breakout Track 7 – Session 2

Data Mining in Business Continuity

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
1:30 – 2:30

Christopher Duffy, Strategic BCP

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Christopher Duffy

Most organizations are laser focused on building their business continuity plans or ensuring compliance. Unfortunately, many often do not realize the value in their data.

“Big Data” is a hot topic within organizations. Analyzed correctly, this data enables them to provide a foundation for making competitive and strategic decisions. The value of “Mined” information is far outside of BC and DR. Yet, using the right methodologies can be harnessed to deliver superior value to your organization.

This session will help you transform from a data gatherer into a “Big Data” analyst. We will focus on real-life case studies from organizations who have utilized Big Data driven through their BCM program.

About Christopher Duffy
Christopher Duffy, vice president at Strategic BCP


Breakout Track 7 – Session 3

Resiliency, Sustainability and Preparedness… Building an ITDR Strategy That Your Executive Team Can Buy Into

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
1:30 – 2:30

Jeff Ton, Bluelock
Patrick Spencer, Bluelock

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Jeff Ton Patrick Spencery

Focusing on the hypothesis that your DR strategy is only as good as your executive team wants it to be, this session will discuss the following to help you communicate why and what changes are needed to ensure your ITDR strategy is sustainable against threats that lie ahead.

  • Protecting your organization’s brand and reputation
  • Client Demand
  • How can client demand help you improve your ITDR strategy?
  • The right approach – It’s not just about training your employees or building out your 2nd data center. It’s about understanding the business needs, focusing on your client’s expectations, priorities and requirements.

About Jeff Ton
Jeff Ton, Executive Vice President of Product and Service Development

About Patrick Spencer
Patrick Spencer, Regional Sales Executive


Breakout Track 7 – Session 4

The State Of Business Continuity

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
1:30 – 2:30

Stephanie Balaouras, Forrester

Stephanie Balaourask

This session will discuss the current state of business continuity including changes in mission and priorities, organizational structure, staffing levels etc. as well as best practices in planning, workforce continuity, communication, exercises, and lessons learned from plan invocations. The session will use benchmark data from the annual Forrester and Disaster Recovery Journal joint survey on industry trends and market maturity.

About Stephanie Balaouras
Stephanie Balaouras, VP and Research Director for Security and Risk at Forrester



Breakout Track 7 – Session 5

Great Expectations – The Myths and Realities of Communicating in Crisis

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
1:30 – 2:30

Ann Pickren, OnSolve, LLC
Mark Scully, OnSolve, LLC

Ann Pickren Mark Scully BCI Certified

The events over the last 12 months have reinforced what we all know –communications during a crisis are critical; the events may be widespread or localized; and the event may impact people outside of your organization. In our connected world today, expectations for timely and accurate communications run high, but when a crisis looms, or impacts your normal business environment, the scrutiny and expectations are even more accentuated. Join us as we discuss key concepts related to critical elements of a crisis communication strategy such as data efficacy, content control, initiation and approval. We will look at some foundational concepts that are based on incorrect assumptions and learn the realities of key components that should be considered in building a strong communication program that will stand strong in times of crisis.

About Ann Pickren
Ann Pickren currently serves as the President, Commercial for OnSolve, LLC.

About Mark Scully
Mark Scully serves as the VP – Customer Success for OnSolve, LLC.




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