Conference Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it.

We’ve been informing you of the benefits of attending DRJ Spring World. We thought we’d let some of our past attendees let you know why you should attend:

Jean Anderson

“DRJ Events are invaluable. I could see a model that was set up and done right. We avoided the trial and error that would normally accompany a project like this. The information I got at the conference allowed us to launch sooner than we ever anticipated, which saved time and money.” she says. “The atmosphere is very open and positive. It facilitates collaboration.”

— Jean Anderson





Ron LaPedis

“When I first started going, I was hungry for information. I needed to get my feet wet and learn the industry. DRJ helped me get up to speed. I also connected with seasoned pros who have served as my mentors over the years. I really like DRJ because it’s egalitarian. It’s just a great place to be. Their conferences are for anyone interested in business continuity and risk management. You don’t have to be a certified professional to attend. You learn what your role involves and how to be successful. You can drink from the fire hose in a safe manner, rather than learning in the middle of a crisis.”

— Ron LaPedis




Colleen Huber

“It’s so important to keep up our skills and stay current on what’s being taught. DRJ is always looking ahead. The presentations, workshops, and keynotes address the latest challenges we face in the industry – whether it’s a data breach, cyber risk, exercises, or notification systems. There is always something we are able to bring back and actually implement."

— Colleen Huber






Lamar Poppell

“It is essential to have the most current tools and information to face whatever tomorrow might bring. At DRJ, the speakers are passionate about what they do – and they’re happy to provide additional information after sessions or in the hallways.”

— Lamar Poppell







Over the years, DRJ has hosted 2,000+ speakers, 3,500 sessions and workshops, 500 exhibitors, and 30,000 unique BC/DR professionals. Welcome to the most comprehensive network of business continuity and disaster recovery professionals.

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