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Dennis Gorges | general manager of enterprise risk management | Jack Henry & Associates

DRJ Spring 2019 | Monday, March 25, 2019 | Senior Advanced Track 1 | 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Dennis Gorges will share his more than 20 years of expertise with DRJ Spring 2019 attendees with two sessions.

Gorges, CRISC, with Jack Henry & Associates, is general manager of Enterprise Risk Management. He has been in the risk management and business continuity profession for more than two decades.

One of his presentations will be “Status Reporting to Executive Management and the Board of Directors.” His second presentation will be “Executive Views at Managing Risk in an Uncertain World.”

According to Gorges, presentations to the executive team or board of directors can be challenging. “In many cases, they can’t tell you what they want to know, but they can tell you what you told them isn’t it,” says Gorges. He will share his efforts from the past 20 years in identifying what is the proper level of detail to be prepared to discuss with these two groups.

For his session on executive management and the board, he will share how these two groups have different goals and the importance of understanding their roles and the impacts on documentation.

Gorges says the presentations will be most effective if attendees participate in the discussions and share their successes with the group. He will encourage interactive participation to broaden the views on what constitutes an effective presentation to senior leadership.

He adds that his presentation is different in that he focuses not only on encompassing enterprise continuity, but he also works to get attendees to understand the roles within an organization and how that impacts the depth of information being provided.

“Knowing your audience is as important as the data you are providing since you can gain or lose their attention based on their belief on whether the information applies to their situation,” says Gorges.

Although this is Gorges’ first time speaking at a DRJ conference, he is a regular presenter at JHA client conferences.

“Mike Henry, the former Jack & Associates CEO, said 20 years ago, ‘If you don’t like change, you need to find a new profession.’ It still rings true today,” says Gorges. “Change brings risk and uncertainty. Your success will be determined by how you adapt to an ever-changing environment.”

Gorges adds that his team is his strength. “I surround myself with smart people who are committed to doing the right thing and that helps me sleep at night.”

Gorges has been with Jack Henry & Associates for 24 years, focusing on regulatory compliance, internal audit, and enterprise risk management. JHA is a software provider to more than 9,000 customers nationwide. Gorges’ most significant employment has been his 32 years of experience within financial services as a bank examiner, banker, and at JHA.

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