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Vicky McKim | Associate Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute | Aureon

DRJ Spring 2019 | Monday, March 26, 2019 | Breakout Track 2, Session 2 | 2:45 – 3:45 p.m.

“Improving Risk Management Through Lessons Learned” will be Vicky McKim’s DRJ Spring 2019 presentation in Orlando. And with more than 30 years of experience, McKim will certainly have plenty to share with attendees.

She has been a teacher and presenter at many Disaster Recovery Journal events and conferences as well as numerous other organizations and events. She enjoys sharing her experiences with others so they, too, can benefit from some of the hard lessons she has learned.

During her presentations, McKim delivers historical events in story form with the lessons she has learned and the applications of those to her future endeavors. She engages her audience in visualizing how the lessons can apply to their own environments and draws them into planning how to improve their programs.

According to McKim, many times trauma is involved in the aftermath of a disaster. She feels that it is often overlooked by so many plans that she has audited over the years. She says this is one area people never want to experience or think will happen.

As risk management and BCP practitioners, McKim says most people manage risks and develop plans for the events that statistics prove happen most often. She says professionals mitigate and plan for fires and loss of power. They identify shelter areas and train employees just in case there is a tornado or other high-wind event. Professionals take steps to improve their cybersecurity that includes training employees. However, in 30 years of experience, McKim says none of these events that took business operations down had anything to do with any of these “likely” types of events.

“Because of this, I changed how I managed operational risk,” she says. “What I took for today in conducting risk assessments is not what I looked for when I took the experts’ advice many years ago.” In fact, she says her loss control agents for her insurance carriers did not identify or consider many of the exposures or vulnerabilities for which she watches.

In her DRJ Spring 2019 session, McKim will explore how real events can drive professionals to use the lessons learned to improve how to evaluate and control risk. She will speak from real-life experiences and not what she has heard someone else teach or discover. She will use these first-hand experiences to share the good and bad of those lessons so others can avoid some of the same occurrences she has faced.

McKim is director of risk management of business resilience for Aureon. She is also an associate fellow of the Business Continuity Institute. In addition, she has Master Business Continuity Professional and Risk Management Professional certifications. She has three decades of experience in risk management, business continuity, and disaster recovery, including BCM program director for two global organizations. McKim has spoken and taught at national, regional, and local conferences for more than 15 years. She also regularly contributes articles for publication. She is a member of the DRJ Editorial Advisory Committee.

With her broad experience, McKim will provide her Orlando attendees with a proven perspective on how to improve risk controls and continuity for their business operations, along with multiple practical examples of what the next steps may look like. Her stories and practical guidance will empower those who want strategies for action so that they can create more resilient environments for their workplace.

“Planning for residual risk is the purpose of business continuity management,” says McKim, “and every recovery experience should teach us something about mitigating risk.”

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