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arnoldrichard140.jpg I am proud to announce the agenda for Fall World 2008. This exciting show is the 39th conference sponsored by Disaster Recovery Journal.

In this comprehensive brochure, you will find a stellar lineup of speakers, sessions and topics, as well as pre- and post conference courses.

Browse the agenda and find the sessions that meet your needs. Be sure to sign up early to qualify for registration discounts. We want you to get the most for your dollar!

I know many of you are wondering about FEMA’s new program: “Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification.”  We will have FEMA’s Deputy Administrator - National Preparedness Director Dennis R. Schrader to update us on the progress of the program.

CIO and Risk Management Jeffrey M. Dato will enlighten us on the unique risks facing the commercial airline operations and the role that risk management and business continuity play.

Learn how one company obtained the BS25999 certification in one of the many breakout sessions on Monday afternoon. 

As a conference attendee, you will gain the best education possible anywhere in the industry. There are numerous networking opportunities and lots of fun times. Join us at Fall World 2008 and see why we are the number one conference in the industry.

Our unique format allows attendees to enjoy daily general sessions that address mainstream topics of high interest. The afternoons allow for individual selection of sessions and workshops. Customize your agenda to find the information that meets your needs.

At Fall World 2008, you will listen, laugh, learn and leave with a firm grasp on business continuity! It is the one conference for all your needs. See page 17 for registration information.

See page 3 for details on our exciting new features and tried-and-true offerings from past shows. We have an outstanding conference in store for our attendees!

I look forward to seeing you in beautiful San Diego!