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inhuanet  reports that experts say, there is no cause for panic and the virus is under control. (Really…under control?!?!?!?)

A quiet battle against bird flu. By Monday, 60 infections had been reported in China, with the death toll standing at 13. On Monday, a suspected new case of bird flu virus was reported in the Chinese capital. Bao Zhongying is an expert on the virus. She says the increasing number of cases does not change the overall risk assessment. So far, no evidence of human-to-human transmission has been found, and there is no cause for panic.


A handful of Boston-based companies have implemented disaster recovery plans with SunGard Availability Services, primarily due to access restrictions as the FBI and Boston police investigate Monday’s terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Five SunGard customers with offices on Boylston Street, where the bombings occurred, have declared disasters and are implementing plans for offsite operations, according to SunGard. A number of customers have moved staff to SunGard’s business continuity center in Marlborough, Mass., the company said.


Data discovery may be an important early step in developing a sound database security program, but in the end it's just the first step. Ultimately data security controls have to be driven by the different sorts of risk faced by the various types of data that need protection. And the only way to assess the risks to those different types of data is to classify that data based on priorities that matter to the business. It may not sound like a glamorous task, but data classification provides a critical foundation for managing risk to data both outside and within the database.


James Vaughan, founder of Ndemic Creations, spoke to CDC staff on March 20, 2013 about his new mobile app, Plague Inc.  Within the game, players select a pathogen and strategize how to evolve symptoms, transmit the disease, and counter actions taken by world governments and scientists. With a successful disease, players can watch as governments fall and humanity is wiped out.